$15.00 USD

New and improved acrylic formula, giving you a buttery consistency in every bead! 

Size: 1oz/4oz

Pair with our standard set monomer for slower cure time. Pair with our pro monomer for a faster cure time. 

Please Note: The product image may differ from the actual color due to the screen you are viewing our website on and the lighting used while taking product photos. Mix well before use.

Customer Reviews

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Maya Chavez

I love Icey the color is a perfect baby blue I had a reall hard time choosing between maliblue & Icey and im glad I went with Icey im sure maliblue is beautiful but Icey is exactly what I wanted and they are very buttery! at first it was hard for me to work with bc I kept tapping my brush to dry up some monomer but then I finally realized I didn’t need to do that with this product and I’ve had no problems since then I am a beginner so I can be a little slow when it comes to realizing things like that lol but I love 10/10 !!!


I decided to get this color for the holidays (Christmas)! I haven’t not yet used it but I have bought other acrylic powders from here and omg I love them 😍! Had to get more why not 🥰

chantia reeves
I love this acrylic

I love the way this acrylic lays down. It is also affordable!

Sheronda Bell
icey review

This color is so smooth and creamy that it's ridiculous. This color is not too chalky and the opacity delivers. great job

Jiovanj Gloria

It was so good def worth it and affordable